Community Engagement

Through the Arts:

Where community, culture and arts intersect

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About Community Engagement Through the Arts (C.E.T.T.A.):

Who We Are
C.E.T.T.A. is an initiative of Groundwork Hudson Valley that uses a community arts model and a grassroots approach in using art to address community needs.
Our Mission
We will maintain an intensive approach to community engagement and inclusiveness and a committment to a long-term, self-sustaining initiative that will make Yonkers, and southern Westchester, a regional and national leader in community-based public art installations and community education.  It will have an after-school and programming component that will help make it self-sustaining, and a series of community-based public art installations each year, and will involve leading public art practitioners in our region.


Our Values:

  • CETTA seeks to promote community enrichment by providing audiences and art makers, with direct avenues for engagement in the artistic and civic process. Community members are encouraged to come together to express concerns or issues through an artistic process.
  • CETTA aims to foster cultural and historical understanding and provide a context between and the communities and socieities we live in by providing opportunties to engage at every intersection so that social relevancy of art becomes deeper and diversity wider.
  • CETTA believes that art is not just an experience; art is a valuable vehicle for promoting dialogue and in helping us to engage with the community and our world.
  • CETTA is dedicated to advancing the practice of public arts and arts programming through a variety of venues. Our goals include creating more opportunities for community expression through the arts.
  • CETTA intends to assist in the collaboration between artists, organizations and community members  in creating community-based art.
  • CETTA’s community arts model  generates community-based opportunities for art-making, via workshops, family programs, in-school or after-school programming or summer camps.
  • CETTA acts as a catalyst for civic engagement and a resource for community-based organizations, schools, and city agencies as they seek to learn how public art and arts programming can raise awareness of their goals,  advance their mission, build community, and visually transform public space.

Despite the singularity of each finished community-based artwork, all will be created through the same rigorous collaborative process. This process empowers young people and community members to use art as a tool for social change and offers an unexpectedly rich lightening rod to engage the broader community.