Brigitte Griswold, Executive Director (effective 1/3/2017)

Curt Collier, Deputy Director

Ann-Marie Mitroff, River Programs Director

Anne Megaro, Assistant Director of Land and River Programs

Ashley Perez, Education Coordinator

Barbara Brill, Director of Finance and Administration

Ellen Theg, Contracts and Special Projects Manager

Felipe Ramirez, Development Coordinator

Haifa Bint-Kadi, Director of Community Engagement Through The Arts

Holly Malekian, Development Director

Jennifer Sloan, Director of Education

Miriam Foley, Business Manager

Nathan Hunter, Director of Healthy Communities

Pam Alvarez, Healthy Communities Coordinator

Rhea Pliakas, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations

Robert Walters, Science Barge Director

Roger Osorio, Youth Programs Coordinator

Sara Smith Sell, Director of Youth Programs

Stephanie von Stein, Development Associate