Ann-Marie Mitroff, River Program Director

Ann-Marie Mitroff is Groundwork Hudson Valley’s Director of River Programs. She coordinates the Saw Mill River Coalition, conducting volunteer river cleanups and invasive vine cutting, planning and implementing river restoration efforts, promoting best-management-practices, conducting land use and wetlands studies with college and high school interns, creating partnerships and working with municipalities on river protection. She is deeply engaged in projects involving the opening up of the Saw Mill River. Ann-Marie has worked most of her career on water and energy conservation projects for municipal governments, public and private utilities, and consulting to municipal, state, and federal governments.

B.A., University of Washington, Sociology, M.P.A., Seattle University, National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, Certified Energy Auditor, Potomac Electric Power Company, Certified Quality Circle Facilitator, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Water Auditor