Donna Davis, Board Member

A graduate of the Cochran School of Nursing in Yonkers, Donna went on to specialize in the care of cardiology patients. She currently works with home care patients whose significant medical conditions require intensive support.

Donna also turned a photography hobby into a second career, serving as freelance photographer for the local newspaper Yonkers Rising, as well as for the City of Yonkers and other organizations.  Her favorite photography subjects are musicians, dance and theatre performers and the ever-changing landscape of the city’s public spaces.  The Science Barge and Van der Donck Park around the Saw Mill River Daylighting appear frequently in her photos.

With her early years spent in the Schlobohm Houses and in Yonkers’ public schools, Donna has a lifetime connection to the city.  In addition to the Groundwork board, she also serves on the board of Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site.