ComNET is a sophisticated name for doing something quite basic, namely giving people control over their neighborhood’s environment. The environment of an urban neighborhood includes broken sidewalks, garbage-strewn vacant lots, and flooding sewer drains — all problems for ComNET.

Groundwork organizes teams consisting of teens and senior citizens — and a few in-betweeners — to identify problems that need fixing. The problems are logged, along with the exact GPS location, into hand-held computers. Then, back at the office, Groundwork staff collate the problems into detailed reports that are then forwarded to the appropriate Yonkers government official and monitored to ensure that the problems are remedied.

Yonkers Mayor Amicone has embraced Groundwork’s ComNET initiative, and has awarded our team volunteers with city commendations.

ComNet sites are spreading around the country. Click below for more national information: National ComNET website.