Groundwork partnered with another local non-profit, Yonkers Community Action Program (YCAP), to recruit unemployed Yonkers residents to participate in a paid Green Landscape Training program.

Groundwork conducted five weeks of daily, hands-on skill building along with job readiness workshops and provided job placement assistance to participants upon completion of the program.

In summary:

  • 21 educational and training placement opportunities were created in the vocation of environmental jobs.
  • Groundwork Hudson Valley, working in conjunction with YCAP, the Greyston Foundation, The Dry Stone Conservancy of Kentucky and the National Parks Service, was successfully able to expand opportunities through community partnership with public and/or private organizations to achieve outcomes.
  • 21 participants entered the program receiving remedial Job Readiness Training, out of which 16 participants received training in Organic Landscaping/Dry Stone Masonry; completed the program and obtained pre-employment skills/competencies required for employment.
  • 16 participants received certification in either/both Organic Landscaping and Dry Stone Masonry, with opportunities for on-going job placement assistance in the field of training.
  • 1 participant, who received  but did not complete the training program, confirmed having secured employment out-of- state, drawing upon the landscaping skills that he had acquired while enrolled in the program.
  • In all, 17 of the 21previously unemployed participants (80%) were able to obtain a job upon receiving and/or completing training.
  • 1 graduate of the Landscaping/Dry Stone Masonry training program received one-on-one, driver education from Groundwork Hudson Valley staff, leading to his acquiring a NYS Driver’s License, thereby enhancing his employability.
  • 2 program participants/graduates went on to enroll in school (Nursing and Auto Body/Collision Repair, respectively), upon completing the training program.
  • 4 graduates have gained supervisory work experience in the field of training upon their return from working in Baltimore, Md.