Groundwork currently owns and manages two urban farms in downtown Yonkers. Because these farms are located on small city lots, crops are grown through a bio-intensive, square-foot growing method. This allows for a maximization of the amount of food that can be grown on each farm.  On both farms we produce pesticide-free, organic produce which we sell from June to October at our local farmers market.

Buena Vista Urban Farm

Beds at Buena Vista 

This farm, located at 56 Buena Vista Avenue, has 24 growing beds, a hoop house for growing seeds, a biodigester for anaerobic (without oxygen) composting and and an aerobic (with oxygen) composting station. Due to Yonkers’ industrial history this site is a brownfield, meaning the soil is contaminated and edible plants should not be grown here for consumption. Thus at this site our crops are grown in raised beds which sit on two feet of of wood chips. This allows people to grow healthy food in safe way.

Philips Manor Urban Farm 


This farm is situated next to Philips Manor Hall State Historic Site. This farm contains 20 growing beds and is used as an educational site where community members and students can learn more about urban farming and the benefits of local produce.

Citizen Farmers

Elvina -sp with tomato at PMH

These sites are collectively tended to by members of our ‘Citizen Farmers’ Program. Although this program is facilitated by Groundwork, it is run entirely by engaged members of the Yonkers community. In exchange for maintaining each farm and growing produce for the Get Fresh Yonkers Farmers Market, Citizen Farmers receive a share of produce throughout the summer season that is valued at approximately $400. All members of the Yonkers community who share a love for fresh produce are welcomed to join this fun free program. No experience necessary!


If you are interested in becoming a citizen farmer, contact: Nathan Hunter at

This is a teaching program, no prior farming or gardening experience necessary.