Through a grant from the Municipal Housing Authority of the City of Yonkers (MHACY), Groundwork runs a paid landscape training program in which public housing residents are hired and trained to beautify, restore, and improve the landscape within and around MHACY sites throughout Yonkers. Participants develop skills they can use for long-term employment in green landscape industries.

Another goal of this program is to build community engagement within MHACY properties by building community gardens, educational rain gardens, and creative play areas, painting murals, planting trees, and reaching out to public housing residents.

The first project completed by the Urban Landscaping Corps, the Edible Museum and Garden at the School St. housing facility, features creative and brightly colored raised bed garden boxes inspired by famous works of art. Residents will be able to grow their own fresh food and learn a bit about art history from the several informative panels installed at the site. Click here for photos.

At the William A. Schlobohm site, the crew turned an expanse of dull, gray pavement into a colorful space for play and meditation.  They also transformed a large, unused, overgrown, and littered slope into a beautiful, welcoming, and peaceful picnic area.  We’ve designated this restoration “The Flow Garden”.  The name  refers to the Saw Mill River that meanders alongside the property and elicits the positive associations of the word “flow.”

During the project, crew members removed tons of invasive vines and overgrowth to reveal the river, built several planters and a large picnic table, and installed permeable pavement to avoid runoff into the river. Residents can use this reclaimed space for events, celebrations, and relaxation. Click here for photos of the project from start to finish