Greening urban neighborhoods is central to Groundwork’s mission. Last year Groundwork Hudson Valley, with the help of multiple volunteers, planted over 150 trees and shrubs in neighborhoods, gardens, and along the Saw Mill River. We realize that one tree can be the first step to revitalizing a neighborhood or a local ecosystem.

Through our ComNET program, community members identify particularly barren streets. Groundwork then works with city officials and these community members to fill the empty spaces where a tree once was, or create space for a new tree.

The Saw Mill River Coalition along with the help of the Goldman Sachs Community Team Works program, AmeriCorps, and a dedicated group of volunteers, planted over 100 native trees and shrubs along the Saw Mill River. This in conjunction with the Free-A-Tree vine-cutting initiative will help replace invasive species with native ones and restore the ecosystem.

Click here for photos of Goldman Sachs volunteers planting trees.