Groundwork engages local residents to restore the physical conditions of their communities to promote long-term social, economic, and environmental renewal and to enhance the quality of life in urban neighborhoods.

Together, we uncover and restore polluted rivers, turn an abandoned train line into a new greenway, paint murals on old buildings, and turn vacant lots into urban farms, garden classrooms, and playgrounds. Many projects employ youth as they become environmental and community advocates and stewards.

We also work to ensure that new parks, playgrounds, urban farms, and public art are maintained and programmed with events so that they serve as catalysts for ongoing renewal.

We measure our impact in this area through annual performance metrics that track the physical improvements we make in our communities each year, including the acres of parks restored, the number of trees planted, and miles of river cleaned. This action-oriented approach is part of our DNA, underscoring our determination to achieve visible, tangible results year after year.

Major park, trail, and river projects currently include:

  • Saw Mill River Restoration, including the daylighted Van der Donck Park
  • The Yonkers Greenway
  • Public land restoration projects led by young people in Groundwork job-training programs