New Composting Bins on The Science Barge!

Thanks to a generous donation from Good Ideas, Inc., The Science Barge is now home to two new composting bins: a Compost Wizard Tumbler and a Compost Wizard Standing Bin. Composting is an essential component of the work we do here on The Science Barge, as a key part of our mission is to produce nutritious food with zero waste. An expanded on-board composting program will ensure that we remain true to our zero-waste policy by increasing our capacity to compost all of the plant waste that is a by-product of pruning and harvesting crops, along with the food waste brought to the Barge in student lunches. While the valuable nutrients found in organic matter are too often lost to landfills, our composting program turns “waste” into beneficial nutrient-rich soil amendments that can be used to grow plants on-board the Barge and elsewhere. Students and visitors on The Science Barge get to dig in and get their hands dirty by participating in our “Green Lunch Challenge” and other on-board education programs. These programs teach students the importance of reducing waste through composting, recycling and reusing. Click here to read more about the ways we demonstrate sustainable urban agriculture on The Science Barge.