Green Team’s Ashley Perez is Quoted in The Wall Street Journal!

On Friday, July 19th, The Wall Street Journal ran an article in its Metropolis section about the newly implemented once a week trash pick-up in Yonkers which is having devastating effects on Yonkers streets. The Wall Street Journal contacted Groundwork to see if we could connect them with community members to interview. Trash has been a big concern of the Green Team and an anti-trash campaign is underway. We knew that the Green Team youth could speak passionately about the effect that trash has on their community, so we gave them various numbers. They reached out to Ashley Perez, who is one of the youth leading the Anti-Trash Green Team initiative She voiced her disdain but followed up with the hope that a decrease in trash pick-up might encourage people to think more about the waste they generate. Click here to read the article.