“Art & Science Sundays” on the Barge

Join us for “Art and Science Sundays” on the Science Barge. Each Sunday, we’ll have a fun workshop for children about all things GREEN. Children and adults can cross the gangplank and come aboard the Barge to learn about everything from growing hydroponic plants to building floatable sculptures to the dynamics of juggling. Don’t forget about our popular Blue Crab Blitz days (learning all about crabs that you catch!) with Science Barge Director Bob Walters!

This summer and fall, get your sea legs ready for science and art and come aboard every Sunday from 2-4 pm.

Here is the full Art & Science Sundays schedule (for more info, follow this link):
July 1: Pinwheels and Thaumatropes (turning marvels)
July 8: Solar Cooking and Photovoltaic Panels
July 15: Anatomy of Plants and Hydroponic Farming
July 22: Jacob Kim and the Dynamics of Juggling
July 29: Blue Crab Blitz
August 5: Hunting for Oxygen
August 12: Blue Crab Blitz
August 19: Magnetic Fields
August 26: Blue Crab Blitz
September 2: The Language of Lipids
September 9: Blue Crab Blitz
September 16: Where Science and Magic Collide
September 23: Mosaics
September 30: Harvest Moon Kaleidoscopes
October 7: Aquafest and Biological Vectors
October 14: Static Electricity
October 21: Fractals
October 28: Pumpkins become Jack-O-Lanterns

For information on weekdays call our office at 914-375-2151.  Weekends, call Bob Walters at 914-513-7354.