Science Barge to Star on Japanese TV

On June 18, 2012, a Japanese TV travel channel paid a visit to the Science Barge. Bob Walters, Director of the Science Barge, treated them to a full tour of the hydroponic greenhouses, with rain-water irrigation, and the energy systems, which include solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels that supply all of the Barge’s energy needs.

As a result of the earthquake and tsunami disaster, and the resulting nuclear catastrophe of last year, all of Japan’s nuclear reactors have been shut down. Japan is now struggling to meet the energy needs of its people. According to Azusa Nakamura of Cosmo Space of America, “New York, the city once called the least environmentally-friendly city in the world, is turning into the most clean and green city in the world. Our show features many environmentally-friendly places and people who are going to change New York. The goal is to inspire people in Japan to be similarly creative in addressing their own such problems.” The program is scheduled to air in Japan on July 17, Japan’s “Marine Day”.

The Science Barge, which acts as both a unique example of sustainable urban farming and an environmental education center, attracts 3,000 weekend visitors each year from the New York metropolitan area and all over the world. It has been the specific destination for visitors from 15 countries.

The Barge was booked solid with school field trips throughout the spring, and will host a total of 102 school and camp groups throughout its April through October operating season.