Virtual Sustainability Education

Our virtual programming is now live! Groundwork Hudson Valley supports and stands with educators in their endeavor to empower the next generation of environmental leaders. With no shortage of need for innovation, our lesson plans will provide educators with an array of environmental education subjects from plant anatomy to sustainable lifestyle to emergency preparedness. There are even lessons dedicated to our regional projects, such as the use of sustainable energy modeled by the Science Barge to the plants and animals along the Saw Mill River.


All of our virtual learning units adhere to Next Generation Science Standards.


Programs Offered:

Science Barge Tour - take a closer look at our off-the-grid floating farm.

Climate Change and You - students will learn about tracking climactic weather events and the role humans can play.

Botany Breakdown - different kinds of plants will be observed and explored at an anatomical level.

Garden Friend or Foe - for better or for worse, gardens attract insects. Learn the difference between the ones that help and the ones that harm.

Living River and You - why is the Hudson River so special? Find out why in this unit.

Daylighting the Saw Mill River - this recently daylighted river has water flowing above ground for the first time in 90 years. Learn more about this thriving ecosystem.

Sustainability in Your Home - students will learn how to make their homes more sustainable.

Emergency Preparedness - learn about what you can do to prepare for an extreme weather event.



40-minute program - $250 ($150 for Yonkers schools or Title 1 schools)

80-minute program - $325 ($200 for Yonkers schools or Title 1 schools)


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