Groundwork Hudson Valley is an environmental justice non-profit that works with communities to improve their physical and social environment. This is done by collaborating on projects, among them: turning dangerous vacant lots into community gardens, planting trees, replacing graffiti with murals, and forming alliances within the community. Some of these projects are done through school programs and many of them are intergenerational. We are dedicated to environmental stewardship and community empowerment. All of our projects engage local residents in hands-on projects, from design to planting.

Ann-Marie Mitroff is Groundwork Yonkers’ Director of River Programs. She coordinates the Saw Mill River Coalition, conducting volunteer river cleanups and invasive vine cutting, planning and implementing river restoration efforts, promoting best-management-practices, conducting land use and wetlands studies using college and high school interns, developing and conducting seminars and workshops, researching and writing for the Coalition’s website, creating partnerships and working with municipalities on river protection. Ms. Mitroff is deeply engaged in projects involving the opening up of the Saw Mill River. With her Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University, Ms. Mitroff has worked most of her career on water and energy conservation projects for municipal governments, public and private utilities, and consulting to municipal, state, and federal governments.