Saw Mill River Daylighting

This curriculum was developed for use by Yonkers schools as well as visiting classes from neighboring cities with an interest in river ecology, the impact of human activity on ecosystems, and green design principles. Though there is something for every age and learning level, the lessons are geared toward 4th-8th grade, aligning with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

PROGRAMS - Transforming Places - Saw Mill River Coalition - Daylighting the Saw Mill River - Story of the Daylighting 2-cropped

The first unit, featuring local history subjects, also covers many Common Core standards for social studies.The curriculum is broken into 5 units, each offering: background information for the teacher and/or students to read; a resource page containing links to educational websites, videos, maps, books/articles, field trip extensions, and key concepts; a classroom instruction page featuring suggested activities targeted to different grade levels, key vocabulary definitions, and associated worksheet appendixes; and a field trip activity suggestions page.

Additionally, two of the units outline a Groundwork Hudson Valley special program in the Daylighting Parks. Though not essential, we highly suggest this program be booked with a Groundwork educator to facilitate. The curriculum can be used in full or as individual units. To book an in person or virtual tour, please contact